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Uthmaan’s Widow

Uthmaan’s Widow

as salaamu alaikum to our Insight Audio listeners. I recently came back from a trip into the mountains of south eastern Africa during a long weekend. To my surprise I saw a Masjid along the roadside in the mountains. I stopped, entered and spoke to the Imaam. I asked him about orphans. He mentioned that he knew them.

Later in the evening we went to visit a woman who had orphans. This was the widow of Uthmaan (may Allah have mercy upon him). She has two boys and two girls. When I visited them with the Imaam someone was cooking in front of the home. I sat as the Imaam talked to them and all just sat very politely outside as a lady in front of us sat on the ground vigorously moving a pot on top of an open fire. The brother and I left shortly afterward.

I went back to my hotel trying to understand the pictures in my head. Then it hit me. “We were all sitting outside. It was very dark. Subhanallaah! There were NO lights anywhere accept the light coming from the open fire.” The widow of Uthmaan has no electricity in her home. And now that I’m thinking about it I’m not even sure she has running water.

The following day I went back to her house to investigate further and took a colleague of mine to translate for me. We found the neighbor who took care of Uthmaan (raheemahullah) in his last days. No, he is not a Muslim. He showed us the house but the widow of Uthmaan was not there.

So here is the video showing the house and the area during the day.

To Continue:

For any sister reading this in the West I ask you, Sister is your husband still alive? Do you live in a home that has electricity? How about an in-home toilet that has running water? If your answers are yes then I ask you to think really hard about what Allah has given you. If your husband works and takes care of you for the sake of Allah pardon and overlook his faults and make du’aa for him. He will one day die. Make du’aa for him. Make du’aa for him.

For any brother reading this in the West I ask you, Brother do you believe that your return is to Allah? Will you one day return to The Most High as Uthmaan has? If so, then will you do for other children other than your own according to your ability so that Allah will remember you by doing for your children and your widow after your death? Will you remember? Will you reflect? Can you smile at another Muslim child other than your own or buy one some candy? Know that Allah appreciates good deeds done for Him large and small.

Make du’aa for the widows and orphaned children.

May Allah guide and accept us.

A Big Sound, In A Small Coastal Town, In A Small Masjid

I was traveling along the coast of south eastern Africa to do a tech project and hung out with a brother who’s an Arabic teacher as he took me around to see the area where the Muslims are. This is the masjid next to his home. I couldn’t believe the voice of the brother leading the prayer. Listen for yourself. If Allah allows it I will go back and get more! Make du’aa for the Muslims!