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“The Means Of Salvation From Fitan (Trials)” By: Sheikh ‘Ubayd aj-Jabari

MOSFF_art“The Muslim, believer, knows why he is here at this station (life). He knows that he will be tested by Allah, The Magnanimous. But how do we steer clear of fitnah? How do we safeguard ourselves and those we love from peril? If we pray why do we still find so many problems in our lives? Why are we loosing our wives and children to the evils of this world? Where are the brothers and sisters we prayed next to yesteryear?

Yes, there will be grief and despair but it doesn’t mean that it has to last or define our lives, when Allah is the only living God and with Him is all good and the most honorable return. Listen as our father, our Sheikh ‘Ubayd aj-Jabari (may Allah preserve him, his family and all our righteous ‘Ulalma) teaches us what we all need to know.

Let us know Allah so that we can fear Him. Let’s have determination with Allah. Let us chose righteousness. May Allah elevate us and you in obedience to Him.


“The Means Of Salvation From Fitan (Trials)” By: Sheikh ‘Ubayd aj-Jabari
NARRATED BY: Aqeel Ingram (may Allah preserve and accept him)
PRODUCED BY: Abu Muhammad al-Looweesi’aani

The Fruitful Affects Of at-Tawheed Upon The People

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Listen as our Sheikh ‘Ubaid aj-Jabaree (may Allah preserve him) covers the foundation of the religion of al-Islaam, at-Tawheed (the unity of Allah).

Translated by Hasan as-Sumalee (may Allah reward him) this lecture should be considered from the foundation in your learning collection of authentic Islamic audio.

It is highly beneficial and great listening for young and old alike.