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IA Magazine “LEGACY” Part 1

IA-Mag_LegacyP1 Please join us at Insight Audio Magazine we as discuss “LEGACY” Part 1.

Join me and our special guest Abdul Lateef (may Allah have mercy upon him) as we begin to discuss issues of marriage, our futures, sickness, death and what we plan to leave behind in this life.

We hope you benefit and enjoy this show barakallaahu feekum.

EVERY LANGUAGE HAS ITS AQEEDAH!!! “Readings From: Taleem an-Nahu For Beginners”

Taleem-An-NahuHow important is language in Islam? What does speaking a language mean to your happiness and success in this life and the next? How does language affect your emotional health?

Please join us as Abu Muhammad al-Looweesi’aani host IA Magazine as special guest Abu Abdur Rahman Abdur Raqeeb reads from the introduction of “Learning Arabic Grammar For Beginners”

Gather friends and family to hear and understand that every language comes with its own belief system.

IA Magazine “A Constant Du’aa Of The Messenger Of Allah(salallahu alaihi wa salaam)

IA Mag -Vol 1- Podcast 2
IA Mag -Vol 1- Podcast 2
Join us as we learn a constant du’aa made by The Messenger of Allah (salallaahu alaihi wa salaam) reported on the authority of Abdullah ibni Mas’ud (radhyallahu ‘anhu) collect by Imam Muslim.

Abu Muhammad hosts Insight Audio Magazine with special guest Suleiman Fonseca. Suleiman reads from Riyaadhu Saaliheen with the explanation of Sheikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen (raheemahullaah)


Insight Audio Magazine Podcast 1 “The Reality Of The Dunya & The Reality Of Death” By Sheikh Muhammad Sa’eed Rslan


Join Abu Muhammad al-Looweesiaani with his first guest Abu ‘Abbaad AbdulMutakabbeer (may Allah reward and preserve him) as they review Sheikh Muhammad Sa’eed Rslan’s book The Reality Of The Dunya And The Reality Of Death.

Listen as Abu ‘Abbaad reads and translates the words of our Sheikh (may Allah preserve and raise him in eemaan) as Sheikh Rslan teaches us using examples of the righteous Salaf (predecessors) of old.