Monthly Archives: July 27, 2011 - الأربعاء 27 شعبان 1432

A Tremendous Du’aa!

Today we had our brother Abdullah Jamaal ‘Abbaas, one of the students of Sheikh Muhammad Sa’eed Rslan (may Allah preserve him and his family), come into the studio today to read this du’aa.  Please listen to it and try to repeat it as best you can.

Download the text here.

Memorize it!  You can do it n’shaa Allah.

May Allah bless and accept you.

The Virtues Of Ramadhaan By: AbdulAzeez ibni Baaz

Masjid ar-Rahmah Presents: “The Virtues & Benefits Of The Month Of Ramadhaan” Lecture October 2004.  It was at this lecture that “We Need A Ramadhaan” by Abu Uwais was born may Allah reward him well for that talk.   But…’s my favorite.  As you will hear he was sick.  This was his last lecture series he gave on Ramadhaan as Allah, The Tremendous, The Compassionate took his life the following month, raheemahullaah.  Gather the family around for this one!  I hope you enjoy it.  -Abu Muhammad

Islaam For The New Shahaadah -Vol 1- Part 1

This is an Insight Audio Studio Production.  IFNS was completed in 2006.  Here is the description below.

Islaam For The New Shahaadah -Volume 1-

“When we created this project we went to the students and said, “We want to create a compendium on the basics of the religion.  It should be the type of CD you would give to your child that they could reference for years to come.”  We chose Abu Tasneem Dawud Adib (may Allah preserve him and his family)  for this project and he gladly accepted it.  Now 3 years later this studio production is complete.   This is a must have for Masaajid who offer products, da’wah centers, stores, vendors who have products for families on the basics of al-Islaam.

Islam For The New Shahaadah -Volume 1- MP3 Art

It is over 35 tracks for study and constant review.  Listen as Abu Tasneem recites al-Faatihah and statements that should be said in the prayer.  Listen as he covers the basics of the prayer that all need to know. “

Here are the titles:

1.   The Declaration Of Faith
2.   The Articles Of Faith
3.   The Categories Of Tawheed
4.   The Pillars Of Islaam
5.   The Conditions Of Prayer
6.   The Pillars Of Prayer
7.   The Obligatory Aspects Of Prayer
8.   The Sunnan Aspects Of Prayer
9.   The Obligatory Aspects Of Wudhu
10. The Invalidators Of Wudhu
11. The Ghusl

Produced by:  Abu Muhammad al-Looweesi’aani at Insight Audio Studio