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Insight Audio Magazine Podcast 1 “The Reality Of The Dunya & The Reality Of Death” By Sheikh Muhammad Sa’eed Rslan


Join Abu Muhammad al-Looweesiaani with his first guest Abu ‘Abbaad AbdulMutakabbeer (may Allah reward and preserve him) as they review Sheikh Muhammad Sa’eed Rslan’s book The Reality Of The Dunya And The Reality Of Death.

Listen as Abu ‘Abbaad reads and translates the words of our Sheikh (may Allah preserve and raise him in eemaan) as Sheikh Rslan teaches us using examples of the righteous Salaf (predecessors) of old.

Loving One Another For The Pleasure Of Allah (The Harm Of Differing)

This lecture was done in Atlanta, GA. We are in more need of this lecture today than ever before.

We ask Allah for forgiveness, guidance, safety and wellbeing.

Good News For The Strange Sister

Adding more to our Women’s collection, Good News For The Strange Sister, was recorded in Los Angeles, CA at the Masjid where our Sheikh Fareed Abdullah (may Allah preserve him) is the Imam.

We had just gotten off of a long flight from the east coast, landed in LA and went to the Masjid in time for the khutbah. Word spread that Abu Uwais had just arrived. We were all tired and I was looking for a hotel and a bed. Someone came out and told Abu Uwais, “There are people here including sisters. They want to know if you can give a talk.” He looked at me and I looked at him. I said, “Give me a few minutes to unpack the audio.”

Abu Uwais then requested to use Fareed’s library which was upstairs in the Masjid. He came down shortly after I had set up the recording gear. He got on the microphone and the rest was history.

I understand that some people cried that day, from the affect of this talk which Abu Uwais had not prepared for in advance. I was in shock by the ease of delivery and fluency that I heard coming from him. But with Allah all things are possible.

When I came home to Philly after the trip I listened to it again. I thought about how it had touched those sisters who listened. So I gave it the title that you see.

If any sister is feeling low, sad or depressed I ask Allah, our God, to allow this talk to reach her as it reached our sisters on that sunny blessed day in Los Angeles with my dear companion whom I miss so very much, Abu Uwais Abdullah Ahmad Ali (may Allah have mercy upon his soul and those he left behind).

Abu Muhammad al-Looweesi’aani

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The Fruitful Affects Of at-Tawheed Upon The People

MP3 Cover

Listen as our Sheikh ‘Ubaid aj-Jabaree (may Allah preserve him) covers the foundation of the religion of al-Islaam, at-Tawheed (the unity of Allah).

Translated by Hasan as-Sumalee (may Allah reward him) this lecture should be considered from the foundation in your learning collection of authentic Islamic audio.

It is highly beneficial and great listening for young and old alike.

Insight Audio Big Mic!

Insight Audio Big Mic!

It’s getting hot around here as we push to get our lectures online and prepare for Insight Audio Magazine. I’m traveling a lot for work but I’m working on Insight Audio when I have the time.

My son Muhammad (may Allah preserve him and us upon righteousness) made this Mic for me using an application called Blender. He requested one of my microphones on a mic stand, put it on his desk and then got busy on his computer. Maashaa Allah law quwwata illaa billaah. I’m clueless as to how he did it.

What Is Salafiyyah? (“6 Pearls From The People Who Follow The Old Way” By: Sheikh Abdul Maalik Ramadhaani)

What Is Salafiyyah MP3 Art
MP3 Art

This was a conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The Conference title: Happiness Is In Salafiyyah (Following The Book & The Sunnah From The Understanding Of The Salaf As Saalih)

The brother who gave this talk was Aqeel Walker (may Allah preserve him). About 2 years ago a brother was driving me to Atlanta to catch a train. I had given him some CDs to listen to years ago and he popped this CD in and it brought back all types of memories from that time long ago.

As we drove I just listened as our brother translated from the book of Sheikh Abdul Maalik Ramadhaani (may Allah preserve him and all our ‘ulama) making our path clear and distinct. I realized that this lecture was a missing key for many of us upon the path and those who question it.

I suggest that this lecture be from the foundation of your collection and that it be used as an educational guide to be listened to over and over and we ask Allah for mercy, guidance and aid. May Allah reward those who hosted that even long ago and may He have mercy upon Aqeel and accept this from him. Allah is He, The Most Compassionate, The Sublime.

Mothering And Fathering

Mothering And Fathering MP3 Art

I recall when some brothers came to Philly from Delaware and said that they had a da’wah center and wanted to do an event there. The day for the event came so I drove down with my audio equipment to a recreation center that had very good room for seating.

I didn’t really know Sheikh Taalib Abdullah (may Allah preserve him and his family) at the time of this event. And as is the case when you work an event you’re very busy focusing on your job so you are not always listening to the speakers when they are on the Mic. After this talk it was clear to me that Taalib Abdullah was a father and a husband and that he was speaking from experience.

I’ve been trying to keep a relationship to him ever since then. Listen to this talk and you will understand why.

Righteous parents are the keys to a righteous child by the will of Allah. Let’s choose righteousness.

Please remember our Muslim youth. Especially those who are fatherless. Share this lecture with them may Allah bless you and us with mercy and guidance.

Ordering What Is Good!

Ordering What Is Good! MP3 Art

Continuing with our brother Abu Uwais (may Allah have mercy upon him and those he left behind). We were in difficult times. Allah’s mercy upon us was to have Abu Uwais explain things to us in the simplest terms.

The Life Of Khadeejah bint Khuwaylid

Life Of Khadeejah
MP3 Art Cover

A reminder for our men and women on the honorable role, position and status of our women in Islam by looking at the life of Khadeejah bint Khuwaylid (may Allah be pleased with her).

This was at a Sister’s Luncheon hosted by Masjidu Rahmah. It was a nice day and a very nice event. I remember that during the event brothers were competing as they had flowers sent to the tables where their wives were sitting. And the food was really good! Maashaa Allah. Allah is The Giver of all that is good.