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“The Importance Of Good Character In Regards To ad-Da’watis Salafiyyah” By: Mustafa George

IOGCIRTDS_artAgain more on what matters, good character for Allah. Listen as our honorable brother, Mustafa George, may Allah preserve and honor him and his family, teaches us what matters and how it will benefit us in this life and the next.

May Allah guide us to what pleases Him.

“The Foundation Upon Which Unity Is Built” By: Fareed Abdullah

FUWUIB_artThis is a work done by our brother Fareed Abdullah (may Allah preserve him and his family). Our brother is known for his work in Islam educating children and the masses in California. He is known by our righteous and upright scholars.

IF you travel to Los Angeles as I and others have you will find that his work speaks for itself mashaa Allah. And Allah is able to do all things. Listen and I hope you will agree.

May Allah forgive our brother Fareed and accept him.

“The Salafis’ Actualization & Execution Of Good Character” By: Abu Uwais Abdullah Ahmad

SAEOGC_artMore talk on how our religion is based upon good character for Allah and His messenger (salallaahu alaihi was salaam) and how that can make all the difference.

May Allah make us pleased with what pleases Him.

“Dealing With The Reality Of The Dunya!” By: Abu Uwais Abdullah Ahmad

DWTROD_artThis is a very good reminder from our brother Abu Uwais (raheemahullaah). Listen as he describes the lives of the Salaf of this Ummah and their reality.

May Allah make us sincere and guide us to this.

“The Means Of Salvation From Fitan (Trials)” By: Sheikh ‘Ubayd aj-Jabari

MOSFF_art“The Muslim, believer, knows why he is here at this station (life). He knows that he will be tested by Allah, The Magnanimous. But how do we steer clear of fitnah? How do we safeguard ourselves and those we love from peril? If we pray why do we still find so many problems in our lives? Why are we loosing our wives and children to the evils of this world? Where are the brothers and sisters we prayed next to yesteryear?

Yes, there will be grief and despair but it doesn’t mean that it has to last or define our lives, when Allah is the only living God and with Him is all good and the most honorable return. Listen as our father, our Sheikh ‘Ubayd aj-Jabari (may Allah preserve him, his family and all our righteous ‘Ulalma) teaches us what we all need to know.

Let us know Allah so that we can fear Him. Let’s have determination with Allah. Let us chose righteousness. May Allah elevate us and you in obedience to Him.


“The Means Of Salvation From Fitan (Trials)” By: Sheikh ‘Ubayd aj-Jabari
NARRATED BY: Aqeel Ingram (may Allah preserve and accept him)
PRODUCED BY: Abu Muhammad al-Looweesi’aani

“Rights Of The Wife Over The Husband” By: Umm Abdillah al-Waadi’iyaah bint Muqbil ibn Haadee

We’ve added another studio work from the book by Umm Abdillah al-Waadi’iyaah (hafeethahallah).

We encourage this work for brothers who are new to Islam and want to get married to someone’s Muslim daughter. He should know the female slave of Allah as described by the Qur’aan and the Sunnah. He should know her status and her honor before Allah. He should do his best to learn his religion so as to safeguard himself from blame before Allah when he meets Him, The Tremendous.

There is nothing better in this life than a righteous Muslim woman who is obedient to the man who shelters and safeguards her. With her he should find comfort and relief. So we must enable her to be there for us by being there for her firstly. Teach her and be patient with her. She’s someone’s daughter by Allah.

We ask Allah for strength and His aid upon this blessed path with righteous wives and righteous offspring and a blessed end.

“Jealousy Of The Women” By: Umm Abdillah al-Waadi’iyaah bint Muqbil ibn Haadee

JOTW ArtContinuing with our focus upon the Muslim woman, may Allah aid and bless her, we release one of our studio works recorded in Philadelphia. Hasan as-Sumaalee is the narrator, may Allah reward him.

PLEASE NOTE: We are releasing studio production quality MP3s. You can play them directly from the site if you wish. But downloading them is better. If you have any issues with sound and playback let us know, may Allah honor you and us.