Allah granted us Al-Jumu’ah (The Day of Gathering).

Allah granted us Al-Jumu’ah (The Day of Gathering).

Narrated by Aboo Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, he said:  The Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, said:  ((Allah misguided/sent astray those who had come before us from Al-Jumu’ah (The Day of Gathering/Friday).  So Al-Yahood (The Jews) were guided to yaumus-Sabt (Saturday), and An-Nasaaraa (The Christians) were guided to yaumul-Ahad (Sunday).  So Allah presented to us, therefore guided us to Al-Jumu’ah.  Furthermore, they will follow us on yaumul-Qiyaamah (The Day of Standing and Reckoning).  We are last from amongst Ahlud-Dunyaa (The people of this life), and first on yaumul-Qiyaamah)).  (Muslim 856).

Translated by:  Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb.

About Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb

Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb is a native New Yorker living in Egypt now for 9 years. He is one of the students of ash-Sheikh Hasan Abdil-Wahhaab Marzouq Al-Bannaa (may Allah preserve our Sheikh).

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