As-Siyaamu Junnah (Fasting Is A Safeguard)

As-Siyaamu Junnah, by the esteemed and noble shaykh, Aboo Shehaab Hasan Abdul-Wahhaab Al-Bannaa (may Allah preserve him upon good).

Chapter:  In Regards to the Merits of Laylatul-Qadr and Searching for it in the Last Ten Nights.

Narrated by Emaam Ahmed (may Allah bestow His great and enormous mercy upon him):  From him (Allah’s peace and blessings upon him) said:  ((Whoever stood (in prayer) during Ramadhaan with Eemaan (firm belief)and Ihtisaab (contentment), he will be forgiven for what proceeded him of sins.  And whoever  stood (in prayer) during Laylatul-Qadr with Eemaan and Ihtisaab, he will be forgiven for what proceeded him of sins)).

Narrated by Emaam Ahmed: from Abee Bakrah that he heard Allah’s Messenger (Allah’s peace and blessings upon him) say:  ((Search for it in Al-Asharaul-Awaakhir (the last ten) in Al-Witr (the odd) of it)).  A narrator said:  Aboo Bakrah used to pray in the first ten days of Ramadhaan like he would pray in the rest of the year; however when he enter in the last ten he would strive harder.

Also extracted by Ahmed: from Aa’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her), she said:  Oh Prophet of Allah, if I was to meet Laylatul-Qadr, what do I say?  He said:  You say:  ((Allhumma Innaka Affuwwun Tuhibbul-Afwa Fa’fu Anniyy)) .  ((Oh Allah, Indeed You are The One Who Pardons, You love pardoning, so pardon me)).

Some added notes from our father, our shaykh, Hasan Abdul-Wahhaab Al-Bannaa (may Allah preserve him and his family upon good).

Laylatul-Qadr is better that 83 years and 4 months and we are to search for it in 21, 23, 25, 27 and 29 nights of Ramadhaan.  Allah’s Messenger (Allah’s peace and blessings upon him) would increase during these last ten nights in Ibaadah (Worship), in Adhkaar (Remembrances of Allah), in Du’aa’ (Supplicating to Allah) and in Qiraa’atul-Qur’aan (Reciting Al-Qur’aan).

Translated by:  Al-Faqeer to my Lord, Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb. 

About Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb

Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb is a native New Yorker living in Egypt now for 9 years. He is one of the students of ash-Sheikh Hasan Abdil-Wahhaab Marzouq Al-Bannaa (may Allah preserve our Sheikh).

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