The Meaning Of Laa Ilaaha Illallaah, Its Conditions…(ARABIC)

as salaamu alaikum to all of our IA listeners!

I’m still traveling around south eastern Africa but wanted to send this to all of our brothers and sisters in the West. It’s time for Arabic y’all! That’s right, Arabic. Please don’t run! Listen. We can do this. Trust me, if your brother, Abu Muhammad, can learn a few words so can you.

I want to introduce you to a lecture done by our Sheikh Muhammad Sa’eed Rslan (may Allah preserve him and his family). For those of you who don’t know I have lived in the Sheikh’s village now almost two years and I’m not the same person by the mercy of Allah. As a husband, brother, father and a son I am not the same person. Am I a student of knowledge? Ummm, I say no. But, over time my hope is that my Lord will raise me and you.

Ok. So what’s next? Find a Muslim who knows Arabic you trust and have him translate this lecture to you, even if he translates it 5 minutes at a time. Along with that play it over and over and see how many words you do understand. Don’t mind what anyone says about you. Don’t let shaytaan give you doubt. Just remember that this is thikr of Allah, worship. Make your intentions for Allah and listen. Simple.

One time I was with Sheikh Rslan and he told me, “Abu Muhammad make this du’aa over and over…”, he then said the du’aa in Surah TaHa 20:25-28 which is called the du’aa of prophet Moosa (alaihi salaam). I did that by the leave of Allah. I made the du’aa especially in sujood. One day I was sitting in a class about a year later and I noticed that all of a sudden his speech became very, very clear. Then I realized that I was understanding him more than misunderstanding him. More words were sticking than not and all praise and thanks are due to Allah. My Arabic is tore up, but I talk now in Arabic more than ever and I can’t wait to walk up on someone, in my travels, who knows it so that I can learn even just one word. Those who know me in Egypt can tell you that I’m the worst at learning Arabic, but Allah is God and with Him all things are possible.

So here we go. Let’s crank this one up. This lecture is one of the most prized lectures in my entire IA library due to it’s content and I hope that you will agree. Please let your children listen to it.

To visit the Sheikh’s (may Allah preserve and accept him) website go to:

Thanks for all of your messages and I have more news and more lectures coming n’shaa Allah!

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Abu Muhammad al-Looweesi'aani is the founder of Insight Audio Recordings. He is trying to learn Arabic and get closer to the Qur'aan by the help of Allah, The Irresistible.

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