A Big Sound, In A Small Coastal Town, In A Small Masjid

I was traveling along the coast of south eastern Africa to do a tech project and hung out with a brother who’s an Arabic teacher as he took me around to see the area where the Muslims are. This is the masjid next to his home. I couldn’t believe the voice of the brother leading the prayer. Listen for yourself. If Allah allows it I will go back and get more! Make du’aa for the Muslims!

About Abu Muhammad

Abu Muhammad al-Looweesi'aani is the founder of Insight Audio Recordings. He is trying to learn Arabic and get closer to the Qur'aan by the help of Allah, The Irresistible.

4 thoughts on “A Big Sound, In A Small Coastal Town, In A Small Masjid

  1. Assalamu alikum ya Abu Muhammad. Have you had the chance to visit this masjid again where you had the beautiful recitation? We are still waiting on more audio recitation from this noble brother from Africa may Allah preserve himbi idhnillah. It would be great if you could provide the country in Africa and may be the name of the masjid
    Ahsanullahi ilayk wa baraaka feek.

  2. wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu,

    Maashaa Allah I have been back there several times but never went back to that little Masjid. When I can go back there I will seek him n’shaa Allah. Moreover I do find that many of our brothers from the huge African continent sound like this.

    You will find many schools in Africa funded created by individuals and Muslim countries that teach them Qur’aan and Arabic from childhood.

    The location was the village of Beira, in Mozambique off the Indian Ocean.

    We ask Allah for His forgiveness, guidance and acceptance. -AM

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