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    1. wa alaykumus salaamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. The classes are every Tuesday night after Salaatul-Ishaa (inshaa Allah). Depending on where you live, you must travel to Maydaan Safeer in Misr Jadeedah (Heliopolis) to Shaari’ Haroon Rasheed (Haroon Rasheed Street). You will see restaurant called Tseppas, on this street. You go at least 3 blocks down this street to Shaari Wasat (The Middle street) and make a right and the masjid is a towards the middle of the street on the rigth, Masjid Ansar was Sunnah wal-Muhammadiyyah. Inshaa Allah. May Allah increase me, you and all of the Muslims in beneficial knowledge.

      1. aslaamu alaykum wa rahmutullah kayfa antum yaa akhanna al faadil this abdullah from delaware who was there with you for about a year we used to go to al munufiyyah together kullu yaumal jumah give me a call sometime yaa ahkee al faadil i miss u and i miss misr my number is 267 438 0195 i wanna get in touch with and send me number were i can reach you…..may allah jalla wa ala take our souls ala deenihi al haqq allhumma aameen…… inu wali li al-tawfeeq

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