What Is Salafiyyah? (“6 Pearls From The People Who Follow The Old Way” By: Sheikh Abdul Maalik Ramadhaani)

What Is Salafiyyah MP3 Art
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This was a conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The Conference title: Happiness Is In Salafiyyah (Following The Book & The Sunnah From The Understanding Of The Salaf As Saalih)

The brother who gave this talk was Aqeel Walker (may Allah preserve him). About 2 years ago a brother was driving me to Atlanta to catch a train. I had given him some CDs to listen to years ago and he popped this CD in and it brought back all types of memories from that time long ago.

As we drove I just listened as our brother translated from the book of Sheikh Abdul Maalik Ramadhaani (may Allah preserve him and all our ‘ulama) making our path clear and distinct. I realized that this lecture was a missing key for many of us upon the path and those who question it.

I suggest that this lecture be from the foundation of your collection and that it be used as an educational guide to be listened to over and over and we ask Allah for mercy, guidance and aid. May Allah reward those who hosted that even long ago and may He have mercy upon Aqeel and accept this from him. Allah is He, The Most Compassionate, The Sublime.

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