Aqeedah and Manhaj Are One.

Once after an evening class with Shaykh Muhammad Sa’eed Raslaan (May Allah preserve him and his family upon good), I asked him a question regarding Manhaj. I told Ash-Shaykh that sometimes we hear in the west, a person being described as being sound upon Aqeedah, but corrupt in Manhaj or that he is corrupt in Aqeedah, but sound upon Manhaj.

Shaykh Raslaan laughed upon hearing this. He said, Aqeedah and Manhaj are one. Aqeedah and Manhaj are one. He said that if one is sound in Aqeedah, than he is sound in Manhaj, and if he is corrupt in Aqeedah, he is corrupt in Manhaj. He said, if he is sound in Manhaj, he is sound in Aqeedah, and if he is corrupt in Manhaj, than he is corrupt in Aqeedah.

Ash-Shaykh added, Manhaj comes from Aqeedah, it comes forth from Aqeedah. Manhaj is wide, very wide. But, it still comes from Aqeedah. He added, for ones’ Manhaj to be sound, then his Aqeedah must be sound. Indeed they are one.

Translated by:  Aboo Abdur-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb

About Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb

Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb is a native New Yorker living in Egypt now for 9 years. He is one of the students of ash-Sheikh Hasan Abdil-Wahhaab Marzouq Al-Bannaa (may Allah preserve our Sheikh).

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