EVERY LANGUAGE HAS ITS AQEEDAH!!! “Readings From: Taleem an-Nahu For Beginners”

Taleem-An-NahuHow important is language in Islam? What does speaking a language mean to your happiness and success in this life and the next? How does language affect your emotional health?

Please join us as Abu Muhammad al-Looweesi’aani host IA Magazine as special guest Abu Abdur Rahman Abdur Raqeeb reads from the introduction of “Learning Arabic Grammar For Beginners”

Gather friends and family to hear and understand that every language comes with its own belief system.

About Abu Muhammad

Abu Muhammad al-Looweesi'aani is the founder of Insight Audio Recordings. He is trying to learn Arabic and get closer to the Qur'aan by the help of Allah, The Irresistible.

One thought on “EVERY LANGUAGE HAS ITS AQEEDAH!!! “Readings From: Taleem an-Nahu For Beginners”

  1. Assalam Alaikum Wrahamtollah
    how are you brother? I am your brother Abdullah from Egypt, Qalubiyah. Do you still remind me?
    I am the student of Shaikh Raslan- May Allah protect Him-. I have met you in (SUbk al-ahad) the town of Shaikh Rslan. I visited you in your flat there and recorded with you the tradition of invocation(tremendous Du’aa), and you asked me to translate the introduction of the book (Taleem An-Nahu for the beginners). I was so glade when I saw your work in the field of Arabic Language and encouraging people to learn it. Now, I became a graduate of faculty of languages and translation. Inshaallah, I and my close friends intend to initiate a web-site for teaching Arabic and Qura’n and its science. I hope to contact with you to provide us with your advise and help. this email above in of my friend and you can send any message to my to it. thanks a lot.

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