Put Tawheed First!!!

Put Tawheed First!!!

Shaykh Taamir Fatooh (may Allah preserve him upon good) said, from the tricks of shaytawn is to make the people belittle the studying of Tawheed and Aqeedatul-Islaamiyyah.   From the deceptions of shaytawn is to beatify and rises the other sciences in the eyes and hearts of the people, before understanding Tawheed soundly and correct ones Aqeedah.   No doubt all of the sciences of Islaam are important and they have their time and place, but Tawheed and correct Aqeedah must come first and foremost. It is from the tricks of shaytawn to mislead the Muslims from the correct path.  It is from the tricks of shaytawn to belittle understanding Tawheed and correcting ones Aqeedah.

Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb

About Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb

Aboo Abdir-Rahmaan Abdur-Raqeeb is a native New Yorker living in Egypt now for 9 years. He is one of the students of ash-Sheikh Hasan Abdil-Wahhaab Marzouq Al-Bannaa (may Allah preserve our Sheikh).

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