Shiekh Muhammad Sa’eed Raslan  in the following quote was mourning one of his close friends when he died. When he got on the Minbar to deliver the Jummah speech, I could feel and sense the overwhelming tone of deep grief that reflects an extraordinary honest and loyal friendship untainted with worldly desires nor mutual interests. He even named that Khuttbah “The fine line between life and death”. The following is a quote from the Khuttbah:

“If one’s life is devoted solely to Allah, if the person displays an ultimate diligence in seeking Allah’s pleasure, if one’s desires are suppressed and amusement is disregarded, if the person is gearing up to meet His lord, putting desires behind his back, and serving his entire self for the sake of religion, what’s the harm in dying?! it’s rather the true start for a life worthy of living; it’s the life yet to come.”


Translated by: Abdullah Ibrahim omran al-Misri.

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