Shiekh Raslan said, ”
Any society that lacks bonds of morality and prerequisites of honorable souls will certainly fail to establish a solid state or to have a fair system. Low souls, while they are clung to the earth, cannot apply Allah’s commands nor positively respond or live up to the teachings of revelation. The souls that limited itself to its trivial desires are not able to understand the religion and even if they do, they would not rectify anything with it rather than rectifying themselves. If you were to observe someone who busies himself with rectifying people while ignoring himself, you would come the conclusion that he is a ‘kidnapper’ under the cover of religion.
The most deserving people who have the best claim to Allah are those who apply Allah’s commands on themselves and inwardly complied with His religion, live it up in their life affairs instead of pretending to be so.
The most deserving people who have the best claim to Allah are those who maintain the authority of truth from within their souls and defeat their desires. If it’s decreed for their life to be extended, their priority is to be kind to Allah’s creation as their first task whereas deviating from the right path is the last thing they may do.”

Source: A skheikh’s khuttbah named: Lessons from Al-Ikhwan’s failure
In Government

Translated by: Abdullah Ibrahim Omran al-Misri.

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