The educator should observe the following strategies in order to achieve an effective outcome and yield promising fruits:

1- Education by example: the parent, or an educator in general, should be a role model in all of his/her affairs; acts of worship, generosity, asceticism, modesty, forbearance, and courage. The educator should hold the Prophet (peace be upon him) as a role model which will effectively lead to prominent results.

2- Education of worship: the educator should teach the children all acts of worship and instill sincerity in their hearts as well as following the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

3- Education by admonition: the educator should admonish and keep a constant remainder to his/her children, just like the wise Luqman when he used to admonish his children and teach them with Qur’an and Sunnah.

4- Education through observation: the educator should observe his/her childrens behavior in every life matter in order to fix any misconduct that may arise.

5- Education by strict discipline: this strategy is used at times of necessity like disciplining children if they don’t pray at the age of ten as we are told by our Prophet (peace be upon him).

Source: The Prophetic guidance in educating children.

Translated by: Abdullah Ibrahim Omran al-Misri.

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