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The major responsibility of the educator; this covers both parents:

1- Spiritual education: to teach your child the great profession of faith “la ilah illa Allah”, to teach your child the basic concepts of Halal and Haram, to order him/her to pray at the age of seven, to nurture him/her on the love of Allah, His Prophet (peace be upon him), and the love of the Qur’an. To teach him/her the major five principles of Islam and the six articles of faith. To instill humility to Allah in his/her heart, and to be mindful of Allah in both of his/her public and personal affairs.

2- Moral education: this sort of education is a fruit of the spiritual education; you are supposed to educate your child on truthfulness and the rest of good morals, to warn him against lying and the rest of wicked traits.

3- Health education: the parent or the educator should observe the health rules for the child, to drive them away from potential areas of ham and illness, to treat his/her illness. To teach them archery, horse riding, and swimming as you see fit and safe. To teach the boys trait of how to be serious and traits of manhood.

Source: The Prophetic guidance in educating children: (130-131).

Translated by: Abdullah Ibrahim Omran al-Misri.


Precious Advice From Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak

Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak is reported to have said,

Those who have penetrating insight and perceptiveness feel insecure in regard to the following affairs:

1- Their deep-seated fear towards how Allah will deal with their past sins.

2- Their fear of what the rest of their lives hold for them.

3-  The intent behind Allah’s bounties upon them as they might hold an unanticipated gradual destruction.

4- Well-disguised misguidance that deceives the eye and thinks it otherwise.

5- A deviation of the heart for awhile, which could dismantle the individual of his/her religion without being unaware of it.

Siyar ‘A’lam al-Nubala by al-Dhahabi: Volume: 6; page: 292.

Translated by: Abdullah Ibrahim Omran al-Misri.