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The Immutable Laws Of God


im·mu·ta·ble (-myt-bl) adj.

Not subject or susceptible to change.
im·muta·bili·ty, im·muta·ble·ness n.
im·muta·bly adv.

Irregardless of his technological achievements, man must face up to his very beginnings.
Man was, after all, created. He was created with purpose and placed upon this earth to be
tested. As the earth he dwells upon, he too is temporary.

Try as he may, he must own up to his actions and behavior. For there is a God ever watching
and taking account of what he does. No matter man’s temporal achievements he will never surpass
God’s laws. The laws of God are immutable.

Yet sadly man chooses to “deny”. So he lives his life in rebellion. Fight as he may, he can only dwell within the very laws he wants to deny. God originated his beginning and his end. He will die, be raised and questioned. How he chooses to live this life will decide his eternal fate. The choice is his. The choice is ours.