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Allah says, “Just as We have sent among you a messenger from yourselves reciting to you Our verses and purifying you and teaching you the Book and wisdom and teaching you that which you did not know.
(Al-Baqarah: 151)
Shiekh Abdur Rahman as-Sa’di commented, “
Purifying you”  means: purify your morals and souls through nurturing them upon upright traits and cleansing them from wicked ones. For instance, purifying your heart from Shirk (worshiping others besides Allah) by means of implanting the seeds of Tawheed, purifying the hearts from showing off by means of instilling humility and humbleness, and from immorality to uprightness.
Taken from: the Tafsir of sheikh Abdur Rahman As-Sa’di
Translated by: Abdullah Ibrahim Omran al-Misri.

“The Importance Of Good Character In Regards To ad-Da’watis Salafiyyah” By: Mustafa George

IOGCIRTDS_artAgain more on what matters, good character for Allah. Listen as our honorable brother, Mustafa George, may Allah preserve and honor him and his family, teaches us what matters and how it will benefit us in this life and the next.

May Allah guide us to what pleases Him.