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We all desire tranquility, peacefulness, and calmness within our souls; certainly, nobody desires distress. We desperately need to feel, grasp, sense, and enjoy this feeling in every moment of our lives; especially in the Dunya of the present day. It’s full of  unhappiness, misery, and crushing moments. If you really want to escape the misery of this life, read what Ibn al-Qayyim says about tranquility.

He recorded imam ibn Taymiyyah’s attitude; he said, “Imam ibn Taymiyyah used to recite the verses of tranquility whenever life’s tension heightens. I heard him once narrating an incident beyond minds’ imagination that struck him during his illness; he was struggling against some evil satanic spirits appeared during his lack of body strength. He said, “I instructed my relatives to recite the verses of tranquility. After they recited them, I was relieved and returned back healthy. ” Imam ibn al-Qayyim followed this with recording his own experience, ” I have also followed this recipe whenever my heart gos through inordinate disorder, and I’ve noticed a great impact of those verses on my heart; they descend tranquility and peace.”

Those verses, as mentiond by imam ibn al-Qayyim, are found in the Quran in six places: Al-Baqarah:   248- al-Tawbah: 26 and 29- al-Fath: 4 and 18 and 26.”

Source: Madarij as-Salikeen: 2/206-207

Translated by: Abdullah Ibrahim Omran al-Misri.