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Await Allah’s Reward

Sheikh ibn Uthaymeen said, “If the person’s attitude towards ordeals follows a course of patience without awaiting Allah’s reward, a considerable amount of his sins shall be forgiven. But, if he maintains patience simultaneously with awaiting Allah’s reward, he shall reap a reward besides the forgiveness of sins. Awaiting Allah’s reward means: to believe that the patience one endures during the ordeal shall be compensated with a reward from Allah. This implicitly reflects one’s trust in Allah; Who, in return, will grant him what he besought from Him.

Commentary on Sahih Muslim: 342.

Translated by: Abdullah Ibrahim Omran al-Misiri.

Insight Audio Magazine Podcast 1 “The Reality Of The Dunya & The Reality Of Death” By Sheikh Muhammad Sa’eed Rslan


Join Abu Muhammad al-Looweesiaani with his first guest Abu ‘Abbaad AbdulMutakabbeer (may Allah reward and preserve him) as they review Sheikh Muhammad Sa’eed Rslan’s book The Reality Of The Dunya And The Reality Of Death.

Listen as Abu ‘Abbaad reads and translates the words of our Sheikh (may Allah preserve and raise him in eemaan) as Sheikh Rslan teaches us using examples of the righteous Salaf (predecessors) of old.